Dit Skift-rapport (dec. 2017, 38 p.) gaat in op recente trends in de ICT-sfeer en de impact daarvan op de nieuwe (lees: 'digitally empowered') reiziger. Binnen de digitale transformatie worden er vier pijlers onderscheiden: de gebruikerservaring, personalisering, automatisering en de mate waarin je organisatie er klaar voor is. Boeiende achtergrondinfo voor wie de digitale boot niet wil missen. Je kan het rapport hier downloaden. Een samenvatting vind je op pagina 36.

Sponsor: Adobe

There’s no question that digital is transforming the travel industry. But what steps should today’s travel organizations be taking to transform their business? And how far along are they in process of integrating the myriad of available digital tools into their strategy?

In response to these questions and the ever-evolving digital landscape, Skift and Adobe are releasing the 2018 Digital Transformation Report. This annual research initiative, based on the results of an industry-wide survey polling nearly 200 executives from across the travel industry, attempts to understand how today’s travel marketers are evolving their digital infrastructure, both for customers and internal operations. It also assesses the key challenges facing today’s travel industry as organizations seek to adapt for today’s digital-focused customers, environment and business processes.

In this report, you'll learn:

  • What changes in consumer habits and the business environment are encouraging travel businesses to adapt their digital strategies?
  • How are the digital habits of today’s empowered travel consumers evolving?
  • How can travel businesses optimize their customer experience best meet the needs of today’s increasingly complex digital purchase cycle?
  • What steps should travel executives take to ensure they use digital tools to effectively personalize their interactions with travelers?
  • Why are automation tools gaining in importance as digital processes get more complex?