Service Design in Tourism

Service Design in Tourism - Customer Experience Driven Destination Management is een paper van Stickdorn & Zehrer (2009), die het belang aantoont van service design voor de beleving door toeristen en dus ook voor het management van toeristische bestemmingen.

Download de paper hier: Service Design in Tourism_Stickdorn_Zehrer.pdf (435.2 kB)


"The competitiveness of any service product ultimately depends on customer satisfaction, which is determined by the consumer‟s assessment of expectations towards a certain product and the actual experiences with the product delivery process. In tourism destinations, products are service products generally consisting of multiple service touchpoints which customers perceive prior, during and after their holidays. The matching or even exceeding of customers‟ expectations is crucial for generating customer satisfaction and needs to be constantly designed and measured. To gain customer insights various service design tools such as shadowing, mapping, interviews, user journals, or observation techniques exist. This paper reports the development of a software for mobile phones, which enables customers to add and modify touchpoints on their customer journey which then can be aggregated and analysed to identify in detail the strengths and weaknesses of touchpoints and enable service orientation on destination level."