Tourism in figures 2020 XL

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What can you expect in Tourism in Figures XL?

All details concerning overnight stays and arrivals in 2020:

  • by Region, province, coast, art cities and Flemish countryside
  • by art city and touristic region (Westhoek, Vlaamse Ardennen, Antwerpse Kempen, Haspengouw, …)
  • by country of origin, accommodation type, purpose of stay and per month

It is not recommend to compare the number of arrivals and overnights of 2020 - 2016 with previous years, except for hotels and b&b's.

Because of changes in the law pertaining to the Belgian public statistics and the number of accommodations surveyed in 2015, we can't compare the 2015 data with previous years for most accommodation types. As of 2015, only licensed accommodations are included in the survey, which has caused an artificial drop in the number of arrivals and overnights, especially for youth accommodation and holiday centres. For hotels and b&b's the impact of the change in methodology is negligible, so comparisons are possible. Additionally, during the past few years the FOD - Directorate-General Statistics has added several accommodation categories to its survey. As of 2012, bed & breakfasts are included in the survey. Previously, b&b's with a hotel license were included in the category 'hotels'. In 2014, the category 'other holiday accommodation' was introduced and 2015 saw the addition of the category 'holiday cottages'. These changes have caused a (small) deviation in the trends. For more information regarding the accommodations Tourism in Figures XL is based on, we refer you to to the file below: 'The supply side'.

The supply side: (xlsx)

Additional explanation can be found in the definitions.